Resultal tutorial: How to connect your experiment with SONA Systems

Select ‘Options’ in the experiment toolbar
Copy the link from your Resultal experiment here
And paste it in SONA here
Here you should be able to test the URL and find the completion URL. Copy the first link.
And paste it to the entry field here

Participant consent and data access

Another important part with SONA and/or scientific data collection in general is that your participants understand and approve what you are asking from them. This is often described in the consent screen at the start of your experiment. On this screen you describe the elements of your survey or experiment and inform participants of their rights. Furthermore, its is mandatory, depending on the ethical committee of your educational institution, for participants to give active consent to your study.

Select Mandatory consent request to make the informed consent mandatory for participants
Your participants have the option to submit an e-mail address so they can take control of the data.



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