Resultal tutorial: How to quickly assess brand or logo preference

3 min readMar 4, 2020


What would your audience prefer? Have your answer in minutes.

Getting consumer feedback can be a daunting task; research panels can be difficult to reach or can quickly become very expensive, or are burdened by overly long surveys yielding less reliable answers. To overcome this, it can be much more rewarding to ask your sample the questions that matter the most: the ones that provide quick and intuitive answers.

This tutorial will demonstrate how to quickly assess brand preference with Resultal in four simple steps:

1) Create an experiment

  • Select Experiments in menu on the left side of the screen
  • Select Add new (green button) to add a new experiment
  • Insert experiment Title, Informed Consent, Briefing and Debriefing
  • Click on Save

Note: The Title, Informed Consent, Briefing and Debriefing can be updated, edited or deleted at any time by selecting ‘Edit’ or ‘Delete’ on the experiments screen.

2) Create task

  • Select Manage Tasks on the Experiments screen
  • Select Create New Task (green button)
  • Insert Task title
  • Select the Type of task, which is Image Statements
  • Add instructions for your participant
  • Click on Save

Note: The Task title, instructions and task type can be updated, edited or deleted at any time by selecting ‘Edit’ or ‘Remove’ on the tasks screen.

3) Create question

  • Select Manage Questions (green button) on the Tasks screen
  • Select Add New (blue button)
  • Insert the logos by uploading them to the website. For the best results an fastest loading time, make sure that the image size is no larger than 350x350 pixels.
  • Select Create New Question (blue button)

Note: The question details can be updated, edited or deleted at any time by selecting ‘Edit’ or ‘Delete’ on the Tasks Questions screen

You can download and use these images when you create your own logo assessment

4) Distribute task

  • Go to the Experiments screen
  • Select QR + code to distribute your task (black button)
  • Share the QR-code and/or the link with your participants

Note: Before you distribute your experiment, it is definitely recommended to test it first. You can do so at any time by selecting ‘Preview’ in the Experiments screen or ‘Preview this experiment’ in the Tasks screen.

Test the assessment yourself by scanning the code or follow the link by clicking on the image

That’s it! As soon as your brand logo assessment is finished, you can watch the results come in. Go to Chart Results or Participant Overview to watch the results in your dashboard. If you want to download and/or analyse your results you can retrieve the .csv-file on the Data / Downloads screen

If you want to recreate this tutorial please go to Resultal to setup your account. If you have more questions or feedback, feel free to contact us through Twitter or LinkedIn