Results of the practicum assignment shown in class

Research methodology and data collection finds its way to more and more classrooms in (higher) education. As a result of the global pandemic and subsequent lockdown, more attention is devoted to online data collection and fieldlabs. As a teacher or lecturer, it can be difficult to keep on track with the latest developments in the curriculum, let alone to draft new lesson plans.

Therefore, in this tutorial we provide all the required elements for a complete lesson plan for a practicum assignment on working with mobile research tools in (higher) education. This specific lesson plan has been implemented in the…

Je hebt een account aangemaakt en zit klaar om je data te verzamelen, maar waar begin je nu eigenlijk? Het opzetten van je eerste onderzoek kan in eerste instantie wat overweldigend zijn, maar als je structuur van een experiment volgt en onthoudt kun je binnen no-time klaar zijn!

Globaal gezien bevat elk onderzoek in Resultal en WorldBrainWave drie lagen:

  1. Experiment
  2. Taak
  3. Vraag

Als analogie zou je het opzetten van een onderzoek in Resultal kunnen zien als het bouwen van een ladekast. Ten eerste begin je met het frame dat alle elementen van de kast bijeen houdt (Experiment). Vervolgens ga je…

Whether you sell insurance policies, magazines or daily lunches, understanding your customers should be the number one priority for your business. However, identifying their preferences can be challenging task if you are not sure how to ask the right questions.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to quickly gain valuable insights in your consumer preferences, without putting too much pressure on your customers. In other words, this tutorial will demonstrate how to gain the most information without asking too much of your customers.

To illustrate this, let’s assume you are indeed in the business of serving daily lunches…

What would your audience prefer? Have your answer in minutes.

Getting consumer feedback can be a daunting task; research panels can be difficult to reach or can quickly become very expensive, or are burdened by overly long surveys yielding less reliable answers. To overcome this, it can be much more rewarding to ask your sample the questions that matter the most: the ones that provide quick and intuitive answers.

This tutorial will demonstrate how to quickly assess brand preference with Resultal in four simple steps:

1) Create an experiment

  • Select Experiments in menu on the left side of the screen
  • Select Add new (green button) to add a new experiment
  • Insert experiment Title, Informed…

So you created you account and are ready to collect data, but where do you start? Setting up your first study might seem daunting at first, but if you follow and remember the structure of every Resultal-study you can set it up within minutes!

Globally, every study within Resultal and WorldBrainWave consists of three separate layers:

  1. Experiment
  2. Task
  3. Question

Think of it as building a drawer or cabinet. First, you start off with the framework that will hold all the other elements (Experiment). Then, you build and add the separate drawers to your construction (Tasks). Finally, when the framework is…

Does your university or educational institution use the participant management software SONA Systems? With Resultal it is now possible to automatically grant SONA credits after completion of your survey or experiment. In this brief tutorial we will explain how to connect your Resultal experiment with SONA.

First, you create and test your study on the Resultal platform. Then, setup your study on the SONA platform as you normally would and select “Online external study” to indicate that there is an external connection with the SONA platform. Now, go back to Resultal and find your experiment. …

So you formulated your research question, created the experiment and collected your data. What happens next?

Even though Resultal offers real-time dashboard visualizations, you might want to do some additional analysis on your data. In that case you need to download the raw data which is directly formatted as a comma-separated text-file (a.k.a CSV-files). In this short blog, I will go over the standardized format created in Resultal and explain how you can get the most out of your data!

To download your data go to the Data / Downloads icon in the menu on the left (arrow 1) and…


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